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25 Years of Creative, Beyond The Book and Transmedia Thinking


Kickback Media was founded in 2002 and was the first European Children’s Media company to espouse a Transmedia approach to content creation. It’s Founder, John Lomas-Bullivant has more than twenty five years’ experience in content creation and development of children’s media and held a number of senior executive positions in blue chip companies before setting up Kickback Media.

At its heart, Transmedia thinking is about establishing why and how your idea will make an emotional connection with your viewer or reader. The success of any children's IP is directly proportionate to its ability to emotionally connect with its target audience. Understanding the holy trinity of Story, Character and Design and how these three key elements work together, is at the heart of adopting a genuinely Transmedia approach to successful content creation.  

Kickback Media began to focus on children’s publishing in early 2018 when it began to apply a creative development approach, common in Film and TV, to working with new writers of Middle Grade and YA Children's fiction. Kickback focuses on high concept genre based ideas with series or serial potential. The starting point for the collaboration, creative and commercial, is usually just a 2,000 word extract.

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