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Kickback Media knows there are talented new authors out there who have yet to find the right story vehicle to show off their true writing abilities. The bar for a debut manuscript is set incredibly high – almost near perfection is required – giving new writers precious little margin for error. The barriers to success for a new children’s writer are many and varied.

Kickback Media however actively looks to work with new and unpublished authors. It has an ongoing portfolio of new writers and stories targeting the Middle Grade and Young Adult market. We do not have a magic formula or a secret sauce, nothing can ever be guaranteed but we do believe that there is a creative and commercial alternative to the current model of how children’s books from debut authors are written and delivered to publishers.

At present we identify new writing talent through writing competitions. We start working with writers and their story ideas at the 2,000 word stage and then if we are excited about a submission, the dialogue begins. If the dialogue is mutually positive then we will begin the process of developing the story idea with the writer, ending in their delivery of a full manuscript which is then pitched by Kickback Media to established UK publishing houses. We call this process ‘story producing.’ We regard story producing as being a process whereby we provide the creative scaffolding that enables a writer’s idea and their writing to become the strongest, most creative thing it can be. Second, story producing is about maximizing the commercial potential of the idea and the story world and hopefully ends with us securing a sale to a publishing house. Just like in Film and TV story ‘producing’ is a speculative business; Kickback Media does not charge writers a fee for working with them.


If you would like to register your name for our future competitions please email us at the address below and we will advise you of our next competition.


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